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Green Direction

“Direction” is committed to conserving the environment through:

  • A Green "Direction" Office
  • Spreading Awareness
  • "Direction" Tours

A Green "Direction" Office

"Direction" is publicly committed to raising awareness of the businesspeople and the society to consider the environmental impact through specialized workshops that enhance the following factors:

  • Minimizing the consumption of energy, water, paper and other materials
  • Minimizing the generation of waste
  • Reducing the environmental impact generated through travel and other business activities.
Energy Management:
  • Promoting the reduction of energy, water, paper and waste
  • Reducing the use of electricity
  • Reducing water consumption by sharing valuable awareness programs internally.
Green Purchasing:
  • Making purchasing decisions that consider environmental impacts.
  • Empowering people to minimize the environmental impact through sharing knowledge.

Spreading Awareness

  • Educating members about international sustainable practices and clean energy through workshops with international bodies specialized in environmental protection.

“Direction” Tours

  • “Direction” calculates the CO2 footprint of all its members’ flights and offsets the emissions through supporting forestation projects, thus protecting the environment
  • “Direction” uses active transportation (in specific, walking) to all nearby locations throughout its tours, to reduce pollution
  • Green Day: “Direction” adheres to green transportation for an entire day of its tours
  • Green Tour: “Direction” organizes a green tour at least annually, which is 100% green, except for its flights, which are also offsett via

    Note: The maximum amount of CO2 a person should produce per year via combustion in order to halt climate change is 2.0 tonnes.