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Direction Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Programs

The Direction Knowledge & Cultural Exchange Program is designed to share knowledge in specific topics such as: Women Empowerment, Social Responsibility, Youth Development, Volunteering Values, Leadership & Strategy, Crisis Management, etc. This is achieved by selecting intellectual candidates and visiting the key international bodies worldwide and meeting the leaders and decision makers in the related topics, including them in the thought processes, seeking up-to-date knowledge and creating dynamic dialogues with counterparts to exchange cultures.


Direction Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Program aim to build & support knowledge sharing, cultural exchange, and youth development through:

  • Private, enriching meetings with presidents, ministers, heads of major national and international organizations, official bodies and the private sector to discuss topics and explore concepts that address every program's goal
  • Visiting presidential palaces, parliments, supreme bodies, chambers of commerce, large factories, multinational companies and institutions of civil society to survey cases relevant to the program's goal
  • Meeting with the Saudi embassadors, consuls and attachés for different countries to understand the diplomatic relationships between Saudi Arabia and the different countries and to discuss common affairs particular to the program's goal
  • Meeting with university deans and businessmen in the different countries to discuss topics related to the trip’s goal as well as education and economy
  • Organizing enriching forums with various strata of the socieities of the visited countries
  • Practicing local cultural traditions and habits to experience the local life of the visited countries

The Impact

The Direction Knowledge and Cultural Exchange Program focuses on the practical knowledge, away from lectures and theory. It relies on the implementable knowledge that can ground its roots in reality.


  • Call for Peace
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Development and Capacity Building

Topic Selection Process

After conducting several workshops with the youth to discover the topics that greatly impact their lives, “Direction” shortlists a few according to relevance to the Saudi, Gulf and Arab societies, and selects the more suitable ones. “Direction” experts then collaborate with international entities to design and present the concepts and different aspects of the tour’s topic. Thus, countries and topics are selected for each program.

  • Design workshops for the youth
  • Conduct workshops: discover topics of concern and importance
  • Select topics relevant to the community
  • Collaborate with concerned international bodies
  • Select most suitable destinations

Community Selection Process

“Direction” is keen to select elite youth to participate in its knowledge and cultural tours that fit its weighted criteria, taking into account the importance of their educational and professional backgrounds, as well as geographical diversity, which results in a strong and unique knowledge society. Candidates are interviewed and hand-picked to participate in the tours. “Direction” offers fifteen to twenty seats every program.

Direction’s Community

In actuality, the knowledge and cutlural programs begin after the international trip, as the members stay strongly connected and regularly network at the knowledge events “Direction” organizes in all provinces of the Kingdom. Additionally, “Direction” discloses all sustainable initiatives that result from their tours during private visits to the governors of the different provinces.

Direction Programs